Hello world!

The hubris of thinking anyone reads your blog, let alone the first post. It’s me, the guy starting a blog in 2020.

But as I mentioned on the About page, we are knee-deep in plague right now, and my current occupation of teaching in-person fitness is pretty much dead for the forseeable future.

So I’m reinventing myself. Get it? Re? Click back now because it’s just going to be so much more of that low-tier comedy.

What I post here (and on the ReKeith YouTube channel) will be all kinds of different things I’m learning about. What I share here will be mostly about me trying to teach what I learn, in order to better understand it myself. But if you learn something too, that’s great!

You can always reach out to me here or on Twitter, where I intent to write thoughtful analysis on the state of the world and in no way will be posting hot-takes or screaming into the void at our trash fire President mismanaging a global pandemic.

I also post on Medium, where I try to flip these here posts into a sub $1/hour paycheck. But you’re here and getting all this quality content for free. Lucky you!